Technical Plan

HHH Project launches quarterly plan from March 2018

HHH is the pioneer of distributed health data and intelligent medical direction. HHH applies the frontier technological innovations such as block chains and artificial intelligence to the medical field, links up the participants in the chain, integrates health industry resources, promotes the value ...

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Digital health people

through the wearable device to collect human body micro data to achieve credible distributed storage

Health Bank

Improve the traceability of health data, and realize the circulation and application between institutions and users through health banks

Super-power doctor

super doctor combined with HHH network to achieve real-time monitoring of human health, through the health data to give accurate and effective health programs

White Paper

HHH White Paper

Technology and trusted data Reshaping the global healthy ecosystem

Token Incentive
The total amount of HHH (hereinafter referred to as the total amount) is 3 billion Tokens, and the distribution plan is as follows:
POW mining - 50%

In order to build a healthy digital person to do pre-drainage and data collection incentives, similar to "mining" to obtain 3.5% HHH Token reward, the main online line through the self-developed POW consensus algorithm for computing + storage in the form of mining.

POS node incentives - 20%

HHH will introduce experts, scholars, medical high-tech service providers, etc. as HHH's future rewards from technical cooperation to service cooperation.

Community user incentives 15%

Establish a complete community contribution and service model SNV, and rationalize community incentives through the community contributor's SNV contribution index.

Development team and operations 15%

The global health chain development team has done a lot of work in the aspects of project design, resource organization, pre-business environment hatching and so on, and has continuously made manpower, intelligence and material input in the process of ecological environment formation. Therefore, in the Token allocation plan made by the Foundation, 15% of the HHH share will be set aside as a team award, of which 30% will be released through a three-year period, and a quantitative award will be made at a later stage based on the contribution index and development results.

Main application scenarios
Health management
Through smart wearable devices, the Global Health Chain can monitor real-time analysis of user microdata in real time, and establish a distributed and healthy data network that cannot be tampered with.
Mutual insurance
Medicare based on blockchain smart contracts will provide a more optimized insurance model that will replace insurance companies, allowing users to build intelligent insurance contracts directly on the blockchain without paying expensive insurance management costs.
Medical institutions
The blockchain can connect to various organizations, the organization synchronizes its own data in real time, and is protected by cryptographic encryption.
Chronic disease management
In particular, patients with chronic diseases need long-term stable physiological monitoring. Through HHH, doctors can obtain reasonable health conditioning programs and monitor the health indicators of the body in real time to achieve optimal rehabilitation.
Clinical treatment
Comprehensive analysis based on user historical and trusted data, intelligent analysis of images uploaded by patients, intelligent diagnosis of diseases, and optimal treatment recommendations for patients with special physique
More application Scenarios
Core founding team